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TSA5210 2G/GSM

Lift alarm for installation using 2G/GSM network

  • Suitable for the UK network
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Industrial designed for environment in elevators (vibrations, humidity and temperature)
  • Up to 8 TSA alarms on a single SIM subscription by simple adding TSA5200 units using 2 wires
  • Complies with EN 95/16, EN 81 28, EN 81 70, EN 81 72 and CE
  • Supports a wide selection of protocols (including Teletech+, ABP and IBS)
  • Included backup battery able the power both the TSA and emergency lights in the cabin

Part No.

TSA5210 2G/GSM 900-5210-100
Adding 10 seconds speech module 900-0001-000


TSA5210 GSM Quick Guide – UK

Further Information

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